Ned Burgess (1868-1962) Waterlilly, NC Redhead Drake decoy. Heavy coat of repaint. Head is not original to the body but is all Burgess. Sale price $800

#110 Linwood Dudley decoy body with factory decoy head. The head was broken at some point and replaced years ago with a factory decoy head. Great decoy at bargain price. $175

#301 Kitty Hawk, NC Decoy attributed to the Perry Family. Rounder body with upturned tail similar to Alvirah Wright. Head could be John Austin. Well carved in every aspect. $475

Lester Van Brunt Barnegat Bay, NJ Blackduck Decoy. Hollow construction. It has been pegged all the way through top to bottom. $250

Wildfowler Mallard decoy pair from Old Saybrook, CT. Hen is branded and has board on bottom where it was hollowed circa 1940. Drake has some issues on bottom and neck crack. Bargain priced for inleted heads. $250

#200 Ike Murrell Gallop decoy with IMG brand. You can read about the rarity of this rig in Krogie Andreson book "Gunnin Birds." From my personal collection. $1500

#150 Unknown decoy Canvasback. $100

#120 Sam Sawyer, Spot, NC or Ike Gallop body with unknown rehead. Great form and decoy at bargain price. $250

#160 Unknown decoy from Currituck County region. This decoy has what appears to be a Snowden family or Hayman body and has been reheaded at some point years ago. Sanders Foundry weight. SOLD

Ned Burgess (1868-1962) Waterlilly, NC Redhead Drake decoy. Old gunning paint. Head looks to have been replaced by Burgess years ago but is all Burgess. Price reduction $1200

Ned Burgess (1868-1962) Waterlilly, NC Blackduck Drake decoy. This is a Ned Burgess Canvasback that has been repainted as a Blackduck. Great Decoy with with appealing old paint. $1200

#228 Wildfowler Atlantic Coast Model Cork Blackduck. Scratch painted head in original paint. Cork is separated some at neck. Circa 1940s $125


#130 Unknown decoy from Currituck region. $100

#208 Oscar Carroll (1870-1946) Back Bay, VA -Redhead Drake Decoy in good condition with old in-use repaint. Early foundry weight. $500

Winton Thompson Bluebill Drake Duck purchased from John Maddox son in 2013 at the Chicoteague Decoy Museum. This is an earlier decoy per David O'neil.  $225

#190 Joe Hayman bluebill decoy with Saunders Foundry weight. $750

Unknown NC decoy from the Knotts Island, NC area. This decoy construction appears to be from the 1800's according to several experts and is cedar and cypress. It is well worn and a great example of an early decoy. $500


#180 This is a Joe Hayman body with an unknown head but it may be Hayman also. It is carved very fine. $225

#207 Oscar Carroll (1870-1946) Back Bay, VA -Redhead Drake Decoy in good condition with old in-use repaint. Sanders Foundry weight. $500

#170 Unknown decoy from Currituck County region. This decoy has a William "Bill"  Beasley or Lenard Dudley head. The body is unknown to me. $225

#204 This is a great little bufflehead drake decoy by Eldon Willis Stacy, NC and Dan Robinson Ocracoke, NC. These were made in the mid to late 1960s. It is unrigged and unsigned. Several to chose from. $175