Southern Decoys of Virginia and the Carolinas by Henry Fleckinstein Jr. No dust jacket. $35  

Ira Hudson and family Chincoteague Carvers by Harry Stansbury $100


Gunnin' Birds by Kroghie AndresenGunnin’ Birds, by Kroghie Andresen is a treasure of information for those particularly interested in the North Carolina and Back Bay, Virginia decoys.  It includes over 1300 images with 936 pictures of decoys carved by over 200 carvers.  Inside, Andresen identifies the origins of many of his own decoys and uncovers the history and legacy of some of the lesser known carvers in the North Carolina and Back Bay, Virginia communities. 

This comprehensive guide provides a wealth of knowledge to decoy enthusiasts and Southern historians alike.  Andresen does an excellent job of organizing his vast findings and writings in a very accessible, engaging way so that even a casual hobbyist will come away from the book with heightened understanding and enthusiasm for decoy collecting. Signed. There are no plans for a second printing. $950 Shipping is USPS Priority mail


Shorebird Decoys by Henry Fleckinstein jr. Dust jacket has tears but book is great for reference. $40  

Delbert " CIGAR" Daisey Decoys book by Doily Earl Fulcher Sr. SOLD OUT

Masterworks of the Illinois River by Stephen O'brian Jr.and Julie Carlson. Great condition and in a clear slip jacket. $275

Shang Wheeler Book by Shang is the first biography to document the life and work of the remarkable Charles E. Shang Wheeler (1872-1949), whose prize-winning decoys set a standard of excellence equaled by few and surpassed by none. $50

Shorebird Decoys of North Carolina by Kroghie Andreson and Phillip Harvey. If you are a new or an old hand to duck decoy collecting, this is an invaluable reference. The photographs are excellent and show both form and detail. This book was a limited print and hard to find. WANTED

Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway by George Ross Star limited edition 242 of 375 numbered copies. Signed. No slip jacket $100